This is the story of how curiosity and overflowing creativity can be reflected in your personality.
Alex Martínez is a fan of travel and style. On every trip he made, he looked for a notebook that he could take home, always trying to choose the one that best reflected his personality and essence. He was looking to find the perfect item to accompany him to his next destination just as his dog Bruno had been present in his childhood.
Not feeling satisfied with what he found and seeing the same designs repeated everywhere, he decided to let his imagination fly and start creating his own notebooks. Alex Martínez's great little idea emerged... And he began to create and express its authenticity, which soon became his design studio, until it became what BRUNA is today.
Each of the collections that make up BRUNA has a bit of Alex's essence; The materials are of the highest quality and the details are the perfect example of how to enjoy the good life. The different designs and collaborations with talented artists show the way he sees the world and transmits his creativity. Playing with shapes, colors and elements is the main characteristic of the brand, since the fact that BRUNA elements are completely customizable makes them the perfect element to reflect authenticity and personality. The BRUNA experience is enjoyed from the moment you choose how you want your product until the moment you use your accessory.
The covers, notebooks and accessories are 100% customizable, giving you the opportunity to capture your essence or the person to whom you are going to give it. At BRUNA you can find the ideal complement for your personality. We are all unique... And we want you to show the world who you are!
Welcome to the BRUNA family